Visually dazzling, superbly acted, and massively ambitious. I’m going to be obsessed with this visionary saga for a while.
-Mike McGranaghan, The Aisle Seat

“Cloud Atlas” is much easier to watch than it is to describe. It really is an extraordinary cinematic achievement.
-David Kaplan, Kaplan vs. Kaplan

A lawyer on a Pacific voyage in the 1800’s has his life turned upside down when his life is saved by a stowaway. A talented musician in the 1930’s writes letters to his lover while being blackmailed by an aging composer. A 1970’s investigative journalist unravels a conspiracy involving a nuclear power reactor. In the near future, an aging book publisher has a run-in with the mob and is held against his will in a retirement home. An enslaved clone discovers a hidden secret and incites a revolution in futuristic Korea. A post-apocalyptic tribesman goes on an incredible journey after his village is destroyed.

Every one of these stories take place in vastly different times and places but they all interact and influence each other in profound ways. Without one distinct narrative that acts as a through-line for the film, Cloud Atlas weaves these 6 tales in and out of each other throughout it’s 3 hour run time. And there is not a dull moment to speak of. The end of every scene is an expertly done transition to the start of a different, but thematically similar, scene in a different story line.

Dr. Henry Goose: : Fear. Belief. Love. Phenomena that determine the course of our lives. These forces begin long before we are born and continue after we perish.

Why Cloud Atlas is Great
  • The individual stories are all an absolute blast to watch.
    They range from emotionally moving to hilarious to horrifying and back again. I can’t even pick a favorite because they were all so fantastic.
  • It is a visually incredible film to watch.
    There are insane amounts of detail packed into every scene. The special effects and makeup work are remarkable, gorgeous, haunting, stunning, insert-adjective-here.
  • It has top notch acting.
    Most of the actors in this film played 6 different characters, one for each story. Some completely unrecognizable from the actor playing them.
  • The editing is unparalleled.
    With so many stories and scenes perfectly intertwining, it’s a miracle this film makes any sense. But it is done so seamlessly, the six stories become one.

Cloud Atlas might be the closest thing to a perfect film I’ve ever seen. It has such scope and ambition and digs so deep I am still having trouble processing it. It’s certainly going to find a place in my all time favorite movies list. It has been my most anticipated film for quite some time and it definitely didn’t disappoint. SEE IT NOW.

FilmFire review:
4.75/5 forms