This week: A list from FormFire’s resident Asian and intern, Jeff. He doesn’t like movies so he’s going with television shows.

    • 10. Family Guy (2001 – present)

“Family Guy provides humor for the days when I just need to feel my brain shrivel with crude and rude jokes that are sometimes borderline wrong.”

    • 9. Dexter (2010 – present)

“The show that makes you root for a serial killer. Crazy.”

    • 8. Workaholics (2011 – present)

“Pure ridiculousness.”

    • 7. White Collar (2009 – present)

“Love this show because of how smooth Neal Caffrey is. If I had to be a criminal, it would be him.”

    • 6. Psych (2006 – present)

“Instead of a detective show where everything is suspenseful (not that I don’t like those), Psych gives it a comedic twist by making Shawn, the protagonist, be a goofy guy who works for the Santa Barbara police department by claiming he has psychic abilities that helps with the investigations. The truth is that he made it all up, but he does have a knack for spotting details most others would have missed. Humor + Cops + detective work, what’s not to like?”

    • 5. Modern Family (2009 – present)

“Best ensemble of characters/actors possible. The kind of humor you can’t help but laugh at even when you’re watching it for the 15th time.”

    • 4. Futurama (1999 – present)

“What’s life without a little Sci-fi? Now mix that alien stuff with humor and a character everyone can relate with because he’s from the 21st century, and you get this awesome show.”

    • 3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 – present)

“Danny Devito + Charlie Day = pure LOLs.”

    • 2. How I Met Your Mother (2005 – present)

“How could you not like Neil Patrick Harris? Challenge not accepted.”

    • 1. Community (2009 – present)

“This show makes me want to attend community college instead of Case Western just to see if I can have the ridiculous paintball wars on campus.”

Until next time…